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Music to date skele-tons of skeletons to.


Ah! Human! Welcome to my home! Feel free to look around! I'll talk about anything if you stare at
it for a couple of seconds.

...Human, it's rude to stare at someone.

...Oh dear. Could it be...?

Well, no worries, Human! I, the great Papyrus, am prepared!

But...are you?


*date start*

Step up, take your time
Let your SOUL meet mine
You and I have got a date to do!

And while it's my first
It won't be my worst
Guess we'll have a threesome cos I brought this book too!

Just for you!

Now, be sure to take deep breaths and keep your mind intact
Prepare for impossibilities
For, human, you've already achieved a testing ACT
You've got a hot date with a cold body!

Now let's see...

Step one: Ask them out!
What's that all about?
Outside is too public and cold, too!

Step two: Wear some clothes!
Wear Clothes..just like...those...
Human, oh my goodness, do I mean that much to you?

Of course I do...

C'mon, Papyrus, this is but a minor setback
A simple inprobability
Human, you've done well, but it's time to counter-attack!
On this hot date with a cold body!

Wait for me!

Now I'm proper-dressed
But I must confess
There's a secret within my attire

It's so super-neat
It'll knock you off your feet!
So cmon and find it before it expires!

Great save, Papyrus, You are the greatest in the land!
The best gift is one your date can't see!
Go on, hold my legs and hold my feel and ~hold my haaaand~
On this hot date with a cold body!

Where could it be?

You sure like my hat...
Wait...oh yeah! right! that!
I must honor your deductive skill

For what lurks inside
Is a box that hides

I know you will...

Huh? I don't feel my head being eaten off of yet...
Could it be you're saving it for me?
Oh my god! You shouldn't have! It's too considerate!
For a Hot Date with a Cold Body!

Listen to me...

Human...You have taken this so far...
And I really do like you and such!
But, oh...how to say this...it feels so bizzare...
I don't...think I like you...that much.

But hey don't feel sad (And please oh please please don't get mad)
I can't match your affection, you see!
But hey, here's my number, you still got that! Aren't you glad
You had this hot date with a cold body!


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Written, Composed and Performed by Recorderdude
Undertale by Toby Fox




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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