Z - I named this song Z so it would be last alphabetically because I'm the last monster that deserves a song in this heh

from by RecD

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Z Zibbedy Za Za Zo.

After a long hiatus, it is my pleasure to bring you another preview number from UNDERSONG, an original UNDERTALE Fan-Musical, Napstablook's "Z"! I wrote and composed the song, while Napstablook's voice was provided by the phenomenally talented Mopheke.


Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z Za-Zibbedy-Za-Za-Zo

Oh hi there dont mind me
I'm just dozin' off blindly
No need to acknowledge I'm here

This bit's got to star me?
Not feelin' up to it, sorry

*room goes dead silent*

Frisk: taps blook on the shoulder and gives him a thumbs up.

Guess I can try if you can cheer...

Might be disembodied
But there's a whole lot more to me
I can cry me a river but I'd rather cry me a hat

This one's called Dapper blook
So what do you think of this spook?

Oh no I got too loud I bet your ears hurt sorry about that

I wanna be
Less cowardly
Why can't I let anyone notice me?
I guess I could try
But now I'd rather lie
On this pile of leaves, pretendin' to

Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z Za-Zibbedy-Za-Za-Zo
Z Z Z Z Z-Zibbedy-Za-Za-Zo
Z-de-de-da-de-ta-tee Z-Zibbedy-Za-Za-Zo


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Written and composed by RecD
Sung by Mopheke




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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