Never Let You Go (Instrumental)

from by RecD

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A delightful mix of classical composition and energetic big broadway showstopper, Never Let You Go is Muffet's breakout number in UNDERSONG. Now in coverable form!


I heard the human hates spiders....

I heard they like to squish them alive....

I heard they don't support their worthy causes...

I heard....they're here.

Step right on in
Nothin' but smiles
No way to leave
Stay for a while

We'll have a lot of fun....

Bautiful webs
Coat every wall
And keep you from
Moving at all

I'd call this a job well done!

You know, maybe (You know, maybe) you'd find yourself never being trapped
If you had helped out those in need
But, no worries (But no worries), you'll soon do an even kinder act
After all, my pet still has to FEED!

Struggle left

Struggle right

What an entertaining sight

I'd no clue that I'd caught dinner with a show! (dinner with a show)

You've got a Nimble SOUL (o-oh)
But I'm still in control

You're too fun to ever let you go!

You *DO* understand why I tied you up like this by now, don't you?

DETERMINATION? What are you talking about? Why, it's your SOUL! Just the ingredient this batch needs...

But I could buy some replacement SOUL with enough gold, and help the spiders in the ruins to boot!

If you'd like to skip this meal, perhaps you should consider showing your generous side?

If you decide
You'd like to pay
Give me gold
And I'll step away


That's all? Well, for that, I'll go easy on you

But while I can
not guarantee
You'll be allright
You will still be

Helping the needy and feeding them, too!

Oh, my how rude (oh my how rude)
Apologies for what I've done
I haven't introduced you formally
You can't be food (you can't be food)
If you haven't even met the one
Who's having you for dinner with their tea

Hurry up

Scurry up

Shall I pour another cup?

You'll be gobbled if you move about too slow (move about too slow)

Your timing is precise (ah-ah)
But I won't be enticed

Dearie, I'll never let you go!

Have you heard about the girl upon the tuffet
From that fairy-tale, oh my, what was her name...
Stomach growing ever Fatter as she stuffed it
When a spider hobbled down to greet the dame

Struck by terror and disgust, the girl reacted
Making motions as to crush the spider flat
Others rushed in to defend it, Fangs protracted...
...We all ate well for several fortnights after that...Ahuhuhuhu....

'Twas her end
And you see
You will be joining her shortly

Just accept your fate and let our venom flow (Let our venom flow)
It might affect the cake (ah-ah)
But that's a risk we'll take

Cos we'll never...
Never, never....
We'll never never never in a hundred thousand million years never
never let you gooooooooooooooooooooo!


They bought something?

Oh, I see....

*hangs up*

You're free to go, dearie. Come back and visit!


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Written and Composed by RecD
Final Mix by HayleyCopter




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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