Lead You From Afar (Plus Teaser)

from by RecD

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Song about Dr. Alphys encountering frisk for the first time. Includes teaser for the full production of "Songs from the Underground" in the works.



Um, hello!
What a pleasure to see
A human
Standing in front of me
Don't mind the cams
Surely I am
Not creepy
(I'm not, right? I mean, really!)

Since you made it to here
That must mean
He hasn't interfered
Who's he? Nevermind
I guess that I kind
Of forgot to explain

Crap that didn't rhyme Alphys you dumbassaur you suck at this UM

The traps are bad
But don't be sad
'Cos I'll help you through
Th-that's something I can do! Yeah!

With my guidance
And some...fried ants?
I totes can help you!
Fried Ants? Really, RhymeFinder?

Um, uh...

I'll just stay behind
Living in the background
That's where I'm profound
Where I shine!

Go on, you're the star!
let your fame expand
throughout the hotlands
And I'll just...
Lead you from afar

That's enough, right? That's not enough? VERSE TWO?! Crap crapcrap OK! LET'S DO THIS!

What I meant
Back there when I said "he"
Was a friend
A robotic buddy
He's someone I built
I can do that you know
I build robots....


He's clever
Maybe a bit obtuse
But moreso
He's out there on the loose!
One more thing too
He's programmed to kill you

Have no fear though!
You've got me here so
You'll survive his rage
(Though he might steal the stage...)

Here, take this phone
You won't be alone
If you stay on my page
(MewChat App copyright Alphys Industries Patent Pending)

I'll just stay right here
I am at my best
When I'm at my desk
I've no fears!

If things get bizzare
When you're stuck and you're vexed
Don't get scared, check your texts
And I'll just...
Lead you from afar

Yeah, doin' pretty good! Just a little more? OK! I've got this!

Hm? What? What's that?
Why'd I name this app mew chat?
Human. Please. Let me fill you in.

(GAAASP gathering breath)Mew Mew Kissy Cutie is an anime about a girl who hypnotizes people by kissing them to do good things
and it's awesome and it's so cute and it's meaningful and it's my favorite ever ever BUT THE SEQUEL SUCKS AND IT'S TOTAL TRASH but
we can watch season 1 here if you want to and....

Oh, sorry, I got a little overexited there.

Just...um...nevermind that for now.

I'll just watch my show
The first time I cried
But I smiled inside
It helped me grow!

Well then, Au Revoir!
But I won't actually leave
Just enable "recieve"
And I'll just...
Lead you from afar

OK! That was a pretty good song! And yknow what? If *HE* tells me it sucks again, he can...kiss my cutie!
Wait. That sounded wrong. Really, really, wrong. Oh god. SANS MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SCENE THIS IS BAD
"And so, the flustered yet reliable doctor waved goodbye to the human as they set out on an adventure across
the hotlands. Oh, by the way, I'm the narrator. I'm going to be for the musical this song is part of, too.
Papyrus wanted to, but he-
"But I'm too good for such a pathetic role!"
"sure, let's go with that. Anyway, look forward to it. It's sure to be a Bone-a-fide Masterpiece!"


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Composed and Written by RekD
Sung by MysticPyroFreak
Additional Lyrics by MysticPyroFreak




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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