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A dramatic waltz telling Toriel's story, going into and through the first boss fight of the game.


Child, it was merely hours ago
I first laid my eyes on you
But I've seen so many you wouldn't know
Tread your path and venture askew

With every child I had tried my best
To make them stay and hold them dear
But overnight they all grew obsessed
With fleeing from being held here

Oh, and
I'd protect them from harm
I'd protect them from pain
I would hold all of them close in my arms
And they...would leave me in vain.

Child, I fear you are just like them
You are DETERMINED as they
While this alone I shall not condemn
I shan't let that lead you astray

I cannot let you take one step more
This time, I won't let you roam
It won't be so bad, there's fun galore
In these ruins I call home

Oh, my child
I'll protect you from him
I'll prevent his dark plan
I can't fulfill your every beck and whim
But child, I'll do what I can

I'll teach you math and art
I know snail facts by heart
Oh the things I want to show you

We won't have much but we
Still will live happily
Even though I barely know you

Because Child
I'll protect you from loss
I'll protect you from fear
I will keep you safe no matter the cost
And so, I must trap you here...


(Tempo/Intensity Increases)

Child, forgive me. you must understand
The world before you is unkind
Speak not! run or fight, obey my demands
For I have made up my mind

Sometimes to truly protect those you love
You must hurt them to reassure
Dodge as you might, my attacks are above
The power that you can endure

But my Child
I'll protect you from death
I will honor your plea
I shall yield before your last dying breath
For I'll protect you from me...




I'd...protect you...from the...cruel...
My SOUL...would have stayed...true...
But...my child...I am a fool...
I can't protect you...from...you....

*SOUL shatters*


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Performed by Paper Laur
Written and Scored by RekD




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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