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A uniquely chill waltz that dives deep into Toriel's psyche...and Chara's as well.


Child! Are you safe? Please tell me you didn't take that to heart.
No matter, you're safe now, so please listen to me.
I'll assure that flower's horrid philosophy never returns!

Goodness, how dreadful, forget that song
Wipe it from your mind
(Keep it in your mind)
Wipe it from your mind
Trust someone who's lived for very long
You want to be be kind
(She is not your kind)
You want to be kind

Though we seem threatening and scary
We're misunderstood
(Not misunderstood)
So for your own good
(So for her own good)
I'll be your guardian fairy
Guiding you devotedly, see?

Child, we've much to do
So much to walk you through
I will protect what's inside you

Their hearts would break before
But now heartache's no more
Because I'll be here to guide you
(guide you...)
Guide you
(guide you...)

Sing along with me, my child!
Oh? It appears you prefer not to sing?
That is alright, my child. I apologize for asking too much of you.

Monsters aplenty live underground
You'll like them in time
(You'll kill them in time)
You'll like them in time

Let my voice resound
(Let my voice resound)
Deep inside your head
(Deep inside your head)
Don't kill or be killed
(It's kill or be killed)
Become friends instead
(Make these monsters dead)

Look at these humorous puzzles!
Clear them to progress
(Slay them to progress)
Go on, do your best
(Fighting them is best)

Child, you need me


Child, I am quite smart
Solving these is my art
You've got a legend beside you

I've done this one before
And several million more
And with this skill, I shall guide you
(Guide you...)
Guide you
(Guide you...)

You seem...unmoved, my child.
I shall be blunt.

We love you, my child
(She tricks you, my child)
You matter, my child
(You murder, my child)
You're the world to us
(The world's prey to us)
We're the world to you
(They're nothing to you)

Please love us, my child
(Murder them, my child)
Cherish us, my child
(Cherish it, my child)
We are all you have
(I am all you need)
You are all...I...have

I won't let him take your soul
I won't let you spiral out of my control!

Child, you've learned quite well
But, my child, I can tell
Hunger is brewing inside you

I shall go to prepare
Child, please wait right there
And I'll be right back to guide you
(Guide you...)
Guide you
(Guide you...)


from UNDERSONG: The Original UNDERTALE Musical Preview Tracks, released September 24, 2015
Written and composed by RekD
Toriel voiced by Paper Laur
Chara Voiced by RekD
Special thanks to MysticPyroFreak




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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