Farewell, Koholint.

by RecD

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LoZ: Link's Awakening is my favorite 2-dimensional game in the Zelda series; the surprisingly deep and dark story, the lengthy and varied gameplay and unique items make it one that I've come back to time and time again. To honor the plot of the game, this song is written in the POV of Link as he's about to wake the Windfish as he reflects on adventures past, present and future.

Every single sound heard in this song was created with my own voice and nothing more. No pitch-based editing or any other form of editing was used in its creation. I hope you all enjoy it.


Never thought
What I'd sought
Could be so foolish

Life had seemed
Like a dream
I held dear

Part of the Windfish
I still care for everybody here

And though
The world now calls
For me
Fate can't see

Every day
on this island far away
has been so magical
And I wish that I could stay

No matter where I'd roam
Koholint just felt like home
I had a family
I had adventure and romance roaming free
But I've acted too suddenly

Call me hero, tell me a lie
Please convince me that I
Saved the world and can look forward with pride

Rub off the tears and awaken my soul
Give me a kingdom whose fate I control

I'm tired of being a pawn
Just a piece on
The chess-board of life

Hear me, royalty of Hyrule
I'm no longer your tool
I'm not saving your kingdom anymore

I've learned from a whale in the sky up above
My blade hits harder when I fight for love

A pox on the gods and the throne
I'll make a legend all my own

But...for now...

As I climb
All your time
Grows ever shorter

Beckons me
Please forgive

Your sacrifices
Are the price that I must pay to live

I'll hold
You in my heart
Hold strong
With this song

Farewell, Koholint.

Farewell, Marin.

I love you.


released January 4, 2014
Lyrics and Vocals by Recorderdude
Original composition by Kazumi Tokata




RecD Lake Stevens, Washington

Disabled dork writing musicals to survive.

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